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Did you know that you can also claim for the other passengers travelling with you? An average family of 4 could claim over £2,000 in compensation.

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What Is A Flight Delay Claim?

Thanks to flight regulations, if you’ve had a flight that was delayed by at least three hours, you could be eligible for compensation. As long as the plane landed three or more hours late to its destination than it should have done, you could be owed hundreds back per passenger. Aviation rules cover flights arriving and departing from the UK and the EU with UK or EU airlines.

Depending on the distance of your flight, you can be owed back more for the inconvenience. Providing the airline was at fault for the delay, such as the crew being late or sick, then you can claim compensation from them. Any circumstances where the airline could have avoided the delay qualify.

If your flight was over 3,500km in distance and it was delayed by over four hours, you can claim £520 from the airline. As every passenger is eligible for compensation, that’s £1,040 for a couple and £2,080 for a family of four! Instead of accepting the misery and frustration that came with a delayed flight, get the compensation you deserve.

How Much Am I Entitled To?

The two factors that affect your entitlement are the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. You can see the full amounts in the table below.

Delay Flight Distance Compensation
Less than 3 hours N/A £0
3 hours + Less than 1,500km £220
3 hours + 1,500km - 3,500km £350
3 - 4 hours Over 3,500km £260
4 hours + Over 3,500km £520

Anything less than three hours doesn’t qualify. Anything more than four hours will result in the same amount of compensation.

Compensation amounts are not related to the cost of your ticket, so whether you paid £50 or £5,000 for your ticket, the amount of compensation stays the same.

What Issues Count?

With flight delay, some or all of the following issues make you eligible to make a claim:

Airline Crew Lateness

Airline Crew Sickness

Airline Crew Strikes

Cancellation due to Overbooked Flight

Cancellation due to Bad Weather

Airline Techinical Issues

As long as the airline was at fault and could have prevented the delay in the first place, you’re eligible to claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are flight delay claims No Win, No Fee?

They are. If your claim isn’t successful, then you won’t be charged a penny. You only get charged if your claim succeeds. Although any fees will be deducted from your compensation, the main thing is that you will receive a payout for the inconvenience you received from the airline.

Can I make a flight delay claim myself?

You can, but airlines try to argue issues weren’t their fault to avoid paying out. Sometimes it can be much easier to use a claims management company as they will battle your case for you and won’t rest until you’ve got the compensation you deserve.

What happens if the airline rejects the claim?

If the airline is at fault but they’ve rejected your claim, you are able to escalate it even further to the regulator and potentially to court. Using a claims management company can make this process go smoothly as they have a team of legal experts who can win your case on your behalf.

Does this count for UK to EU flights and vice versa?

Yes. After Brexit, the UK turned the EU flight regulations into law, extending the same protection to UK based airlines. This means you can claim for a UK flight to the EU and EU flights to the UK.

Can I claim for multiple flights?

Yes, you can. Any flight that was delayed and which the airline was at fault can be claimed on.

Is the compensation per passenger?

Yes, it is. Any amount of compensation is for each passenger, so if you were on a family holiday, you can potentially claim for thousands at a time.